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Raising any child is filled with both unimagined joys and heartrending challenges. When your child has a disability or disabilities, the complexity added can be unfathomable. By law, every child is entitled to a free appropriate public education; however, the process to achieve this can be one of those complexities. We get it. We have and continue to live it ourselves. In fact, that is why we do what we do. We have experienced many of the same things you may experience on a daily basis with your child.

We Are

Experienced and educated Attorney and Non-Attorney Special Education Advocate

Compassionate and dedicated parents of children with disabilities who have been where you are right now

Understanding that life with children with disabilities is unpredictable, exhausting, emotionally draining, and relentless.

Driven by knowing that given the appropriate supports and services, every child can learn and make progress; which benefits the whole family

We Will

Hear you and believe what you are saying — nobody knows your child as well as you do

Listen to you, allow you to vent, cry, scream, and then we will explain the process and your options in a way you can understand

Explain the way the special education system works and help you understand that what your child is legally entitled to may not be the same as what’s ‘best’

Work collaboratively with you and your school system while protecting your civil rights for when collaboration doesn’t work

Share our fixed fees upfront so that you can have a reasonable expectation of what you will spend

Tell you if we don’t think we will be a good fit and refer you to our colleagues who may be a better fit

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Talk to us first, see if you like us, our work style, our philosophies, and our office procedures because, in this arena, it is very difficult to make progress without trust and a genuine affinity for each other.

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