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We genuinely appreciate the trust our clients put in us and do not take that lightly.  We treat each family with respect and collaborate to seek a positive outcome for each child. Our current and past clients agree and here’s what they have to say:


“I have had the privilege of working side by side with Laura for years now on my daughter’s pretty nuanced case.  From the very first phone call, I felt very seen, and from that point on, Laura has proven to be extremely present, patient, and on top of her game in all areas necessary.  I have felt fully supported as a parent throughout this process and would HIGHLY recommend Laura’s firm to anyone actively seeking answers.”

“Attorney Heneghan is an exceptional attorney that goes above and beyond for her clients.  She has a very compassionate approach, is patient with parents who may be frustrated and hopeless, and, most importantly, takes time to explain all realistic options.  Attorney Heneghan maintains professional relationships with school districts that foster collaboration between school teams and parents.  We could not have gotten what we needed for both of our children without her, and our family is forever grateful.”

“When our son’s life was hanging by a thread, we had no one to turn to. We remember thinking that our district knew what they were doing and had our back. Our son was being severely bullied, both physically and mentally; he didn’t feel safe and couldn’t learn. We did everything that was asked of us by his school, even moving him to an off-campus learning environment…everything was band-aids while my son was emotionally breaking down. We didn’t know what direction to take and were at such an incredibly heartbreaking loss as to our next step. We felt no one at the school with authority was listening to us, and definitely, the voice of our child was not being heard. We tried to do it independently but continually hit roadblocks, excuses, and explanations that made no sense to us. That is when a friend referred us to Laura Heneghan. Laura was life-changing for all of us; our son and his mental well-being were her first priority. From then on, we were guided and prepared with extensive knowledge, guidance, professionalism, empathy, and patience. Let me just say that again, it was life changing for our family. Laura changed the course for our son and was an integral part of saving his life. We will be forever grateful.”


“Stacey has been a part of my daughter’s IEP team for 3 years. Her experience and direction have been invaluable in collaborating to create a cohesive plan appropriate for my child’s unique needs. In addition to helping me understand the process and my rights as a parent, she has completed 60+ hours of training in Orton Gillingham, an equivalent to many special educators. This provides Stacey with the necessary background to work alongside school teams in creating comprehensive IEP goals and objectives based on the science of reading. I would undoubtedly recommend hiring Stacey to help navigate the IEP process for your child.”

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